Brief History Inns Court Christian Fellowship (formerly Knowle West Church of God of Prophecy)

Work started May 1975 by Joseph and Gloria Morris
Organised October 1979 by Bishop HA Barclay, Gloria Morris appointed first Pastor; served for 15 years.
July 1995— Bernard Morris appointed 2nd pastor  of the church located at Novers Lane church (shared with Methodist Church.)
September 2001  Church moves from Novers Lance to shared premises with the Holy Cross Anglican Church under the Sharing of Church Buildings Act 1969 (the first Church of God of Prophecy in the UK to have such an agreement)
October 2018 – Church changes its name to Inns Court Christian Fellowship in recognition of churches desire to develop a stronger identity with the local community it serves.

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Place of Worship


Inns Court Centre
Marshall Walk
Inns Court, Knowle
Bristol BS4 1TR


Charter members of Knowle West Churches Together


Charity Work

Active supporters of Christian Aid


Prayer ministries (inc. Prayer Breakfasts)