Beyond the experience of a weekly church service on a Sunday

At the heart of a dynamic, loving, caring church community are the opportunities to encourage and support each other throughout life’s journey. Connection Groups are all about people coming together in small groups on a regular basis living life together and supporting one another in their day to day experiences.

Extending the Vertical to the Horizontal for Practical Christian Living
We believe it is really important to be connected and so we encourage everyone to be part of a KWConnect group - a place to grow in your relationship with God, develop relationships with others and be encouraged and supported in praying for and reaching out to the world we live in. Each KWConnect group will involve the following four building blocks to help develop practical Christian living:

  • Welcome - a time for everyone to feel at ease with each other, freeing our minds of worry  and stress. To help each person to feel a part of the group, meetings will begin with a fun/icebreaker type activity.
  • Worship – a time to centre our thoughts on God. Worship can take many forms and doesn't have to be singing.
  • Word  - topics for  meetings will be based around the monthly theme set by our Senior Pastor. This will not be a sermon but a time of discussion, reflection and practical application.
  • Witness – a  time to stir us all into action. Opportunities will given to pray for our loved ones, and ourselves that we may have the confidence to share the good news of the gospel. We should leave the meeting challenged. What am I going to do differently? How can I share what I have learnt with others?

KWCONNECT is about people living, supporting and praying for each other. Having times of fun, laughter and food. Living better equipped to serve Christ and others. if you want to get connected or find out more about KWConnect please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you shortly.

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