Covering the Earth in Prayer

For the past twelve years, the global family of the
Church of God of Prophecy has been called to start
the New Year with a season of prayer and fasting.
We know that prayer is the foundation for all our
ministry efforts and during these three weeks we
fully devote ourselves to seeking divine direction.

Once again, this year, I am calling on our churches
and members to mobilize their efforts and join us in
a concentrated time, seeking God’s direction for our
ministries locally, nationally, and globally.

We are seeking God for a deep encounter through
prayer, and asking Him to continue to bring revival
and renewal to our lives, homes, churches, and

For twenty-one days, beginning January 6th, we
will unite around specific daily prayer directives.
These prayer guides are available at the Prayer
Ministries website1 and on our social media to help
insure our prayers are touching the most current

I am also inviting you to join us January 20th for our
global Night of Prayer live via simulcast. During
this time, you will be able to submit requests that
will be prayed for by our staff and ministry leaders,
as well as those watching online.

Thank you for making plans and efforts to join me
in prayer. I believe even greater things are ahead for
the Church of God of Prophecy, but they will only be
obtained through prayer and fasting.

From the desk of the General Overseer Bishop Sam Clements

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