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Discover the Depth of Christian Education

Dive into church-run Bible classes and uncover more than just scripture. Christian Education is a transformative journey where age-old biblical teachings meet real-world applications. For novices and lifelong learners alike, these classes illuminate life’s path with wisdom, offering practical insights rooted in the Gospel. As you navigate modern challenges, let the Bible be your compass, directing you with values of love, compassion, and integrity. Begin your exploration with us and experience how Christian Education can profoundly shape every facet of your daily life.

Embarking on the Baptismal Journey

Baptism is a profound step in a Christian’s journey, symbolising rebirth, commitment, and the cleansing power of Christ. But why choose baptism? It’s an outward expression of an inward transformation, a personal testament to faith. Whether you’re pondering its meaning, the method, or timing, or  a shared family experience, we’re here to guide you. From understanding the significance of baptism to preparing for the day, we’re here to support you in making this sacred decision with clarity and conviction.

Serve with Skill and Impact

Our goal at Inns Court Christian Fellowship is to see all people transformed by the Gospel into fully devoted disciples helping to transform others. We believe every Christian is called to live missionally and our mission field is everywhere we go – our homes, neighbourhoods, coffee shops, schools, workplaces and to the ends of the earth.