Worship & Music

 Welcome to the Worship and Music Ministry at Inns Court Christian Fellowship, where we believe that music is a powerful channel for connecting with the divine. Our passion is to create a worship experience that uplifts the soul, stirs the heart, and draws us closer to God. Through inspiring music, heartfelt lyrics, and a spirit of unity, we come together to glorify the Lord in a way that transcends words.

Whether you’re a singer, musician, or simply someone who loves to worship, you’ll find a place to belong here. Join us in our vibrant and diverse music ministry as we seek to touch hearts, inspire faith, and create an atmosphere where God’s presence is truly felt. Together, we aim to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and let the power of music bring us into deeper communion with our Creator.

Our Leaders

Kim Samuels

Worship Coordinator

Leeroy Adams

Music Coordinator