Brother Alex Hastings
Leader of Men’s Ministries

“………but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15
Although entitled Men’s Ministries, this is really a ministry to the boys and men of the church. We are not only interested in helping our men fulfil their potential in Christ but are also keen to encourage, develop and lead, by our example, our sons, both physically and spiritually, in the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is very important to have a men’s ministry in a local church. The following statistics show beyond a shadow of doubt that ministering to men is essential. Win 100 children to Christ and about 3½%women of them will be able to bring their mother and father into the local church setting with them. Win 100 to Christ and on average 17% of them will be able to get her husband and children to come with her to the church. But look at this revealing statistic: win 100 men to Christ and 93% will be able to bring his wife and children with him to church; it’s God’s design. The apostle Paul won the Philippian jailer to Christ and that very night his whole family was baptised and brought into the fellowship of the Philippian church. Win the man and you win his family!

Our national men’s ministries programme is entitled, “The Mens Room”. This ministry facilitates an annual men’s summit, conferences and other events of interest to boys and men.

The vision is

Develop better men, husbands, lovers and fathers

The values are

  • Develop initiatives that help men achieve their potential.
  • Provide an environment for intellectual and emotional challenge.
  • Foster an atmosphere in which differences are seen as an opportunity for mature dialogue and debate.
  • Help men discover their role in society.

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